Our Statement of Values

The physicians and staff of MAPA hold dear our dedication to providing professional, compassionate pediatric medical care to our patients and their families. We have made a conscious decision to ensure necessary medical care services, education about pediatric topics to assist you as a parent, and an ear to listen is readily available. We are excited to share with you our list of things we value most.

  • Our opportunity to provide continuity of care for your child(ren). You can be confident that no matter what the circumstances, our team will respond to your child(ren)’s medical needs.
  • The fact that all of our physicians maintain an active role in the care of their patients in the MAPA office and maintain a positive relationship with the Mission Hospital team.
  • The fact that we are united in our commitment to hold on to our philosophy of personal service and individualized care.
  • Our support personnel and their dedication to being available to assist you 24 hours/day – 365 days/year.
  • Prevention – we firmly believe prevention is the cornerstone of Pediatric Medicine. Because we value prevention, you will note that we base our practice philosophy and actions on guidelines established by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Center for Disease Control. Specifically, we strongly advise each child to receive well care exams and immunizations in accordance with these guidelines.
  • Mutual Respect – we are honored that you have placed your confidence and trust in us. We will seek to always treat you and your child(ren) with respect and are grateful for your willingness to treat us and others associated with MAPA with respect in return.

From a Dream to a Reality

Mountain Area Pediatrics (MAPA) transitioned from being a dream to a reality when Dr. J. Bennett Bailey started the practice in 1980. Dr. Bailey (Dr. Ben as he is known by his patients and countless others who adore him) strived to provide personalized, thoughtful, compassionate care to his patients. He always took the time to listen. Many have said that “Dr. Ben is worth the wait because I know that when he is with my child, my child is the only thing in this world during the very special visit.” Since 1980, more than 60,000 children have passed through the doors of MAPA. It is exciting to note that many of our patients now are actually “second generation” MAPA patients. You see, Dr. Ben’s vision has been shared by others associated with the practice.

Dr. Ben passed away January 29, 2018, at his home in Asheville. Dr. Ben was a great leader in the Asheville pediatric community until his retirement. Dr. Ben served many roles in the Asheville medical community: educator, mentor, administrator, patient champion, and primary care pediatrician. His favorite role was the latter, providing comprehensive, intelligent, medical care in a way only Dr. Ben could, one patient in a room at a time.

MAPA physicians and staff strive to continue Dr. Ben’s legacy of providing close, personalized doctor/patient/family relationships. Thank you, Dr. Ben, for sharing your vision with us!