Revisiting Healthy Sleep and Staying Healthy During Flu Season

Hello again, friends of Mountain Area,

I wanted to briefly share with you more resources for helping your child sleep better, as this is a topic that often comes up with not only the recent transitions back to school, but also with changing sunlight hours. Daylight savings time does not end until November 3rd this year, which means dark starts to the mornings, and challenges to finding healthy and consistent routines.

A site that is quite helpful with information on what is normal, troubleshooting common mistakes surrounding sleep, and references some reliable sources is

With cold and flu season right around the corner, we often struggle as parents to figure out how to best keep our kids healthy and spare them the misery of illness, even if it is just the common cold. The best ways to stay well remain constant: good sleep, good nutrition, good exercise, and preventative care including routine vaccines and seasonal flu vaccine.

So, if you haven’t contacted our office yet, consider calling in today for your flu shot!

Wishing you all well,

Dr. Meg