Healthy Sleep, Happy Child (and Happy Parents!)

Hello, friends of Mountain Area Peds!

It has been a very busy cold and flu season for us at Mountain Area Pediatrics, but thankfully things are finally calming down in our community. With the return of more routine well care, comes more of the everyday questions of caring for your children.

One of the most common questions, and most important ways to be and stay healthy, is how to maintain healthy sleep routines and habits. This is something that all our pediatricians discuss regularly – at well and sick visits. Healthy sleep varies widely through different stages of development, and it often takes frequently revisiting what is healthy and what strategies are most effective for getting good sleep.

We have discovered a lovely resource for families that are fighting the good fight to get some decent shut-eye: Their website provides evidence-based health information, news, and unbiased product reviews. Check out some of their links below:

Getting Your Baby to Sleep – What to Know

Understanding Sleep Regression

The Impact Bullying Has on Your Child’s Sleep

And as always, if parent intuition is telling you something is wrong, reach out to us so we can discuss what’s going on in-person. We’re here for you and your littles!

-Dr. Meg