Finding Thanks this Season

Every November brings my favorite holiday: Thanksgiving! Family, friends, and food really are the best things in life. And no matter what challenges or frustrations may be going on in our personal lives (y’all, the toddler struggle is real), I find plenty to be thankful for every year. Here at Mountain Area Peds, we have been taking stock of those ways in which we can be most helpful, most supportive, and most available to our families, in hopes that you might be thankful for us – in times of healthfulness, and in seasons of sick.

We want our patients and their families to find value in what we do – I don’t think anyone goes into medicine expecting anything less than being a respected and appreciated part of their patient’s health and wellbeing. This is even more true in primary care specialties such as Pediatrics, as we get to know our patients over time, watching the struggles and embracing successes with them.

One way in which we try our hardest is to be available to see patients not only for well care, but for their sick care too. We make sure we’re here for walk-in visits first thing in the morning (7:30-8:30 am every weekday), and we have sick time reserved through the day to see patients, along with after-hours time too (is your kid sick, and they need to be seen but it’s getting late? – we start our weekday after hours schedule by taking phone calls at 4pm, often staying well past closing to see anyone who might need us). And on the weekends, phones open at 8:30am, with nurses ready to bring you in to see the on-call doctor if you’re worried, with double the staff once flu season really starts (did I mention how thankful we are for our staff? THANK YOU TEAM MAPA!).

We are so fortunate to have the community we do in our patients and families, and we find ourselves thankful to be able to do what we do for you. So when your little one might need us this cold and flu season – just know that we thank you for coming on in to see us. We’re so happy to help.

-Dr. Meg